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The Paleo Diet – The Natural Solution To Your Weight Loss Troubles

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Paleo Thinking
First things first, this is not another “FAD” diet based on “low-carb” or “high-protein”. This is a healthy balanced nutrition plan based on a healthy active a lifestyle, not a set of draconian rules that you blindly follow. It is going back to how people in the stone age used to eat, plain and simple, its the healthiest way of eating you will ever come across.

Let me ask you this question, have you ever tried a particular diet that claims to be the latest and greatest answer to to your fat loss issues? Well I know for a fact that many people have, but you haven’t yet thought whether it was natural for you or not have you?

Now the Paleo diet itself is based on these percentages:
• 30% Protein (lean, natural meats are preferred) 
• 40% Carbs (mostly low glycemic-load fruits and vegetables) 
• 30% Fat (one of the most important macro-nutrients!) 
Snack meals are designed to bring your “main” meal sizes down and develop a pattern of eating to ensure your metabolism stays high. Main meals go on a small plate! 
Sound impossible? It’s not. Just do it! I promise it will be worth it….Water is NON NEGOTIABLE Take your body weight in kilograms and multiply by 0.033 = Litres of water per day 

- Add one extra glass of water for every hour of exercise!

Don’t go crazy on your free day… a binge will undo all your hard work. 
As with all diet and nutrition programmes, you must be disciplined where alcohol is concerned; if you want a bender more than dropping a size /looking great then it’s wise to pull out now. With the paleo diet, it is simply getting you to eat and drink naturally, just like the caveman would have all those years ago. Have you ever thought why cavemen are portrayed as being muscular and fit? Well despite the fact that heavy lifting often destroyed their spine, their overall fitness and health was incredibly good, because there just wasn’t any crap or processed food to eat, only good quality naturally sourced ingredients that our body was mean’t to consume.

Now i’m not saying that this diet is the “best” or “quickest” method to losing weight, but it is the most sustainable and safest method and it WILL continue to benefit you in the long term, as opposed to going on a crash diet and piling the weight back on at a later date.

Now if you are really serious about changing the way you look and feel, this paleo diet and nutrition programme is the way to go: Check it out HERE.

It contains all the information you’ll need to drop that weight on the scales as fast as naturally possible, making it the last out of the diet and nutrition programmes you’ll need!

To your health,

- Joe Searle

Fitness professional and nutritional advisor